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Wine Tasting: Lauren Ashton Cellars

Join us Wednesday the 17th for a tasting of Lauren Ashton Cellars out of Woodinville. With 15 wines scoring above 90 Points with Wine Spectator, this is a wine tasting that can't be missed!

Four Tastes for $12

Keep reading to learn a little more about Lauren Ashton Cellars!

SAVOR - Throughout the winemaking process, Lauren Ashton Cellars maintains a vigilant adherence to quality, which starts in the vineyard, endures at the winery, and finishes in your glass.

SATISFACTION - We aim to be esteemed by the wine industry and emulated as a model of success by exceeding consumer expectations and offering awesome wines for an enduring value. Satisfying you with a wonderful tasting experience is a primary goal and a fundamental element... of our mission.

SENSORY - Our story goes years back when Kit Singh, a dentist by profession, explored Europe’s most known wine regions in France as well as spending time in Napa and Sonoma where he truly discovered the enjoyment of wine. In 2009, Kit channeled his genius of chemistry and deep-rooted scientific background with his appreciation of wine and created his own brand called Lauren Ashton Cellars.

Lauren Ashton Cellars was inspired by the winemaker’s two children, Ashley Lauren and Ashton Troy. Keeping his focus on family, Kit wanted to reflect on his wife Riinu’s heritage and culture by branding his labels with photographs showcasing the beautiful small country in Europe, Estonia.

Kit’s winery adopts many of the rich wine making traditions of the Old World, endless dedication to winemaking, all the while honoring a familiar Washington style, with a twist. Woodinville’s flourishing regional character and burgeoning wine industry is perfect for showcasing his hand-crafted wines created in his innovative production facility located in Woodinville, Washington.
SOCIAL - Step into our friendly and iconic tasting studio where you will experience our passion of crafting distinctive wines while sampling our wine portfolio that we proudly pour and share with friends and family, old and new.

SUSTAINABILITY - Our wines are crafted with a pro-active approach to sustainability incorporating the principles of sustainability into our winery, tasting studio and the Lauren Ashton Cellars brand. We promote vineyard and winemaking practices that are sensitive to and benefit a healthy environment, stronger community, social sensitivity, high quality grapes, and producing world class wines. Lauren Ashton Cellars is continually adopting, assessing, and monitoring winery sustainability practices that are ecologically sound, economic viability and socially responsible.

Earlier Event: January 13
Live Music: Tara Tinsley
Later Event: January 19
Live Music: Sean Lewis